Countdown to January 9th

16 11 2008

It will be here before we know it… the Circle of Life 5K at Walt Disney World.  I came across a good website that has lots of pictures, reviews, commentary about previous races.  I also came across one great bit of information, it’s not really a timed event (no chips).  It’s just us and 3000 others jogging through Disney’s Animal Kingdom at 7am.  Looking forward to it.   [Authored by Mark]



Thanksgiving Day 5K, anyone?

3 11 2008

It’s called the “Greensboro Gobbler.” It’ll be my first-ever 5K. And I’d love for any of you guys to join me. Here’s a pic from last year’s race.

The web site says that the race filled up the last two years. And apparently, there’s no race-day registration. So you may want to go ahead and sign up if you’re interested.

It’s $23. And you need to have an registration (which is free). If you guys signed up for the Disney 5K, I think you can just use your same email login. Here’s the actual registration page.

By the way, I must also pass along that there’s also a 5K in Winston-Salem that same morning. I just thought that the course in Greensboro looked nicer.

“Fat Boy to 5K” Training Schedule

3 11 2008

I actually started out my new training regimen a few weeks ago. But I guess I was a bit reticent to actually post it until I had seen some progress. So here it is.



As you will see, there’s really not a whole lot of time between now and my first 5K in November, the Greensboro Gobbler. So I’ve taken the “Couch to 5K Program” and abbreviated it for my purposes. And so far, so good. Seems like the first two sessions were the hardest.

The biggest help to me so far has been music. Mark showed me a clever way to create a playlist of songs and to time those songs so that they fit into your training regimen. So mentally, I don’t spend any time getting down on myself through counting down minutes or thinking about “how much longer do I have to run?” I simply run when the right song starts…and start my interval walk when the song changes. Mentally, it’s made things much easier.

Here’s a preview of our race in January!

28 08 2008

Great video here. Gives you a sense of what it will be like. And also gives us a good reason to train!

Running Log…8.21.08

22 08 2008

Rolled over to Salem Lake after work to get in some work. Ran/walked (intervals) just under 4 miles. It’s a lot harder by myself. I’m so used to Mark’s NikeRun+ timing that it’s much harder to keep up with the intervals by myself.

Oh yeah. Runnin’ with the iPhone.

19 08 2008

Up until now, my little brother has had the lock on running technology. He’s got the Nike Plus thing set up for his Nano and is using it like a champ. As a matter of fact, when we run…I’m usually in his wake getting the cues for our intervals. I can’t hear the music. But I can time my segments with his.


Anyway, I don’t have a Nano. And can’t justify buying one just for running. But it looks like my ship is coming in. Apparently, they’re developing Nike Plus for the iPhone. Here’s a leaked screen shot.

You can see lots more screen shots here. Nothing’s been announced officially. But with the GPS capability of the iPhone, it opens up for a lot of very cool possibilities.

But, hey, until then…I’m still rollin’ with you, Mark.


16 08 2008

This is where it happened. The track at Glenn High School. Specifically, the north quadrant of the track. Total breakdown. We gave up. Goals were not met. Reality hit.


It all started out pretty well. Hey, let’s see if the track is open. We’ve never run there before. Probably a pretty good surface to run on. Hey, let’s just go ahead and run a 3K today and see how long it takes us. We can do this, right?


Turns out we couldn’t. Don’t know whether it was the heat or the corn dog I had on Friday afternoon from Cook Out (watermelon shake, too). But neither one of us could make it very far.


Bottom line. We gotta do this more than once a week. And we gotta up the program.